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Sebastião Quintas

Hello Everyone! My name is Sebastião and I'm a Portuguese PhD Student at the Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT) on behalf of the TAPAS project. My current fields of research and interest range from Deep Learning, Speech Processing, Pathological Speech and Automatic Speech Recognition. During the course of my PhD I will be working on Deep Learning Approaches to Assess Head and Neck Cancer Voice Intelligibility. This topic will take in consideration different fields of Pathological Speech assessment, such as ASR, Intelligibility measures and experimental deep learning techniques, while working closely with the C2SI corpus. One of the main goals of the present work is to provide health practitioners and therapists automatic assessment tools and techniques that can save time, while providing less biased scores. This aspect becomes relevant due to the biased nature of intelligibility assessments, that are highly dependent on the practitioner and a variety of other aspects.
Location: Toulouse, France

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