TAPAS Webinar Series May 2022 - June 2022

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The TAPAS Project is delighted to introduce a series of webinars starting next tuesday at 1pm CEST.

PhD students present their thesis in the framework of the European project TAPAS

May 2022 - June 2022. Every Tuesday, 1pm -2pm

Connect to TAPAS live webinar series on Zoom (Next: May 24th) -

Each one of our ESRs will present 20 minutes + 10 minutes questions about a part of their subject (2 ESRs per slot), trying to overcome challenges encountered in the framework of TAPAS.

TAPAS Webinar N°1 - 3rd of May

Sebastiao Quintas: Deep learning approaches to assess head and neck cancer voice intelligibility

Yilin Pan: Using Speech Analysis to Detect Onset and Monitor Cognitive Decline

TAPAS Webinar N°2 - 10th of May

Srikanth Nallanthighal: Acoustic speech-based monitoring for telehealth and predictive analytics

Julian Fritsch: Learning detection of pathological speech

TAPAS Webinar N°3 - 17th of May

Zhengjun Yue: Continous Speech Recognition for People with Dysarthria

Wei Xue: Developing valid measures of pathological speech intelligibility: human ratings and automatic scores

Next in the pipeline

24th of May

Juan Camilo Vasquez Correa: Modelling the progression of neurological diseases

Abdessalem hammami: Generating Phonological Feedback for Evidence-Based Speech Therapy

31st of May

Thomas Rolland: Developing speech therapy games for children with speech disorder

Bence Halpern: Predicting and synthesizing plausible speech examples after oral cancer treatment

7th of June

Zhao Ren: Deep learning techniques for computer audition

Enno Hermann: Rapid development of speech technology for pathological speech

14th of June

Viviana Mendoza: Development of a virtual articulation therapist

Tomás Arias-Vergara: Automatic surveying of speech of Cochlear Implant users