Early Stage Researchers

Arias-Vergara Tomás

Project: Automatic surveying of speech of Cochlear Implant users

Host Institution: Ludwig-Maximilains-Universität München

Fritsch Julian

Project: Learning detection of pathological speech

Host Institution: Idiap Research Institute

Halpern Bence Mark

Project: Predicting and synthesizing plausible speech examples after oral cancer treatment

Host Institution: The Netherlands Cancer Institute - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

Hermann, Enno

Project: Rapid development of speech technology for pathological speech

Host Institution: Idiap Research Institute

Mendoza Viviana

Project: Development of a virtual articulation therapist

Host Institution: Antwerp University Hospital

Nallanthighal Srikanth

Project: Acoustic speech-based monitoring for telehealth and predictive analytics

Host Institution: Philips Research Eindhoven

Pan Yilin

Project: Using Speech Analysis to Detect Onset and Monitor Cognitive Decline

Host Institution: University Of Sheffield

Parekh Shalini

Project: Generating phonological feedback for evidence-based speech therapy

Host Institution: imec-Ghent University

Pommée Timothy

Project: Clinical relevance of the intelligibility measures

Host Institution: Université Paul Sabatier

Ren Zhao

Project: Automatic detection and classification of pathological speech conditions based on emotion expression

Host Institution: University of Augsburg

Rolland Thomas

Project: Developing speech therapy games for children with speech disorder

Host Institution: INESC ID

Rykova Eugenia

Project: Deep learning approaches to assess head and neck cancer voice intelligibility

Host Institution: Université Paul Sabatier

Vasquez Correa Juan Camilo

Project: Modelling the progression of neurological diseases

Host Institution: Friedrich-Alexander-Univeristät Erlangen Nuernberg

Xue Wei

Project: Developing valid measures of pathological speech intelligibility: human ratings and automatic scores

Host Institution: Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

Yue Zhengjun

Project: Phrase-based speech recognition for people with moderate to severe dysarthria

Host Institution: University Of Sheffield