2020 Motor Speech Conference

by Timothy Pommée last modified 2020-03-02T18:44:28+02:00
Motor Speech Conference 2020 in Santa Barbara, California

Hello TAPAS-crew ! 

A little post to tell you about my last trip. 🙂

I attended the 2020 Motor Speech Conference in Santa Barbara, California, from the 18th to the 23rd of February 2020.

It was a perfect opportunity to meet lots of speech experts - among which a large number of authors that we cited in our two systematic reviews! It allowed me to talk to some people whom I definitely will stay in touch with regarding my PhD projects.

The participants were clinicians, researchers, computer scientists and students from various countries.

The "Signal Analytics for Motor Speech (SAMS) Preconference Workshop" was interesting because it was not too technical (phew!!😅), and the speakers stressed the link between computer science and clinical applications in their presentations (which is, sadly, quite rarely the case).

The following days were dedicated to both oral presentations and poster sessions (more than a hundred posters!) about various topics around speech disorders: fluency disorders, speech in children, automatic speech analysis... and among them, Mathieu Balaguer's poster (with myself as a co-author) about the functional impact of speech disorders in patients treated for oral or oropharyngeal cancer, assessed by perceptual and automatic measurements. You can find this poster here: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Mathieu_Balaguer2/publication/339533901_Functional_impact_of_speech_disorders_in_patients_treated_for_oral_or_oropharyngeal_cancer_assessed_by_perceptual_and_automatic_measurements/links/5e57b82da6fdccbeba05ee55/Functional-impact-of-speech-disorders-in-patients-treated-for-oral-or-oropharyngeal-cancer-assessed-by-perceptual-and-automatic-measurements.pdf

So, in a nutshell: a really nice event that allowed for several useful and relevant inter-professional exchanges... And let's be honest: there are worse places for that than the Ritz-Carlton in Santa Barbara! ☀️