Say bye to TAPAS

by Zhao Ren last modified 2021-04-09T11:55:24+02:00
Thoughts for the end of the TAPAS Project

Thanks to the TAPAS project, I can pursue my doctoral degree at the University of Augsburg, Germany. The experience of the past three years in TAPAS is precious. From the first training event in Eindhoven Netherlands to the last virtual event provided by the Ghent University I attended, I learnt a lot from these intensive courses from several aspects, including speech pathology, signal processing, machine learning, data collection, human-centered system design, entrepreneurship, etc. I got a comprehensive improvement in my research study from these events. I believe the knowledge I learnt will give me positive impacts on my future career and life.


Especially, due to the corona pandemic, most of us can only work from home. In such a case, I remotely did my secondment in audEERING, therefore knew many friendly colleagues and learnt to consider problems and questions from the perspective in the industry. I hope the epidemic will end soon and our life before will come back. At that time, all of us can meet each other, not only colleagues in audEERING, but also the colleagues at the University of Augsburg, in TAPAS, and many other collaborators.


Despite the end of my work in TAPAS, I hope we do not say bye to the connections between us. Interesting research studies always come from the contribution of multiple researchers. Welcome to the collaborations with our TAPAS colleagues, and I hope we will work on many interesting, worthful, and valuable studies.


For the future H2020 students, I would like to say, please learn from different people than you. Everyone has his or her merit. Learning from them will make you keep curious, and give you more perspectives and inspirations. I wish everyone is enjoying the work which you are doing.


Finally, thanks a lot again for the support of TAPAS project! 


All the best to all of my colleagues and friends in TAPAS,

Zhao Ren