SLP International summer school - Liège

by Timothy Pommée last modified 2019-07-11T09:22:15+02:00

Yup, Belgium again!

During five days, the University of Liège organized the eighth of a series of international summer schools about speech and language therapy, which started in 2007 in Montréal, Québec.
This summer school targets the continuous training of speech and language pathologists, as well as of students and experts from related disciplines.
It is, above all, an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and opinions between students and professionals, and to jointly reflect about clinical practice with regards to recent research data.

The « à la carte » registration allowed me to pick two of the five days that I was interested in:

  • The second of July was dedicated to swallowing disorders in adults and in children, which was nice to refresh and update my knowledge in case I decide to take on some clinical practice at the University Hospital in Toulouse in a few weeks or months;
  • On the third of July, the methodology of systematic reviews using the PRISMA guidelines was described, followed by the presentations of their thesis projects by twelve PhD students (among which me and Mathieu Balaguer from the IRIT). This session was useful, as it allowed us to appreciate what other PhD students in our field are up to, and to discuss any difficulties we might have encountered or still face in our projects.

Again, I thank the TAPAS project for this opportunity!