The third Training Event (TE3) will take place in Toulouse from 4-6 September at the "Auditorium du laboratoire IRIT"

TAPAS TE3: Data Collection, Management and Ethical Practices

Auditorium Jacques Herbrand, laboratoire IRIT, Université Paul Sabatier (UT3)

Wednesday 04/09

Location : IRIT Laboratory (google map)

  • 09h00 am - 09h15 am Welcome

  • 09h15 am - 09h45 am Introduction (Julie Mauclair)

  • 09h45 am - 10h30 am Research and GDPR (Ben Hayes, Director DPSM Ltd, UK)

  • 10h30 am - 11h15 am Health and bioethical laws (Emmanuelle Rial-Sebbagh, Paul Sabatier University)

  • 11h15 am - 11h30 am Break

  • 11h30 am - 12h15 pm Storage and management of sensitive speech data (Henk van den Heuvel, Director CLST & Head of the Humanities Lab Radboud University)

  • 12h15 pm - 14h00 pm Lunch

  • 14h00 pm - 15h20 pm First year presentation ESR 1-3-4-5

  • 15h20 pm - 16h00 pm break

  • 16h00 pm - 17h20 pm First year presentation ESR 7-8-9

  • 17h20 pm - Closing

Apéritif at the City Hall (Capitole) at 18h30


Dinner will take place at ”Brasserie des Beaux Arts” at 21h



Thursday 05/09

Location : IRIT Laboratory (google map)

  • 09h15 am - 10h00 am Big Data with Health Data (Sébastien Déjean Paul Sabatier University)

  • 10h00 am - 10h45 am Small Data, Number of features vs. number of observations (Olivier Crouzet, Laboratoire de Linguistique de Nantes, Université de Nantes)

  • 10h45 am - 11h00 am Break

  • 11h00 am - 12h00 pm First year presentation ESR 10-11-12

  • 12h00 pm - 13h30 pm Lunch

  • 13h30 pm - 14h15 pm Management of health data in an industrial company (Srikanth Nallanthighal, Philips)

  • 14h15 pm - 16h15 pm Hands on annotating data with Praat (Rob Van Son - The Netherlands Cancer Institute - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek) room U3-102

  • 16h15 pm - 16h30 pm Break

  • 16h30 pm - 18h00 pm First year presentation ESR 2-13-14-15

  • 18h00 pm - Closing

Friday 06/09

Location : MSH, Université Jean Jaurès (google map)

  • 09h00 am - 10h30 am Supervisory board : Room E412

  • 10h30 am - 12h00 pm Building an experiment on sound perception : research question, protocol, stimuli and data (Julien Tardieu and Cynthia Magnen, MSHS-T, USR3414 CNRS and Université de Toulouse)

  • 12h00 pm - Closing



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