University of Sheffield, Training Event (TE4) June 17th, 24th and 25th 2020

TAPAS TE4: Human-Centered Systems Design and Unconscious Bias - Remote

The fourth Training Event (TE4) scheduled at the University of Sheffield on the 14-17th of April 2020 was CANCELED and replaced by an online Event. See new program hereafter.


Wednesday 17th @10:00 CET: ED&I session (ESRs only) This session introduces the basic equality, diversity & inclusivity principles. The ESRs will work together to experience barriers to equality and reflect on their own experiences.

Wednesday 24th @16:00 CET: Panel discussion The panel event is an opportunity for the ESRs to interact with our facilitators; discuss their talks and ask questions.

Thursday 25th @16:00 CET: ED&I session 2 (ESRs only). This final ED&I session will see the ESRs talk through the homework they've been set and start to work on how they may ensure to follow good ED&I practice for their future career and projects.

Panel event (Wednesday 24th @16:00 CET) for the TAPAS 4th Training event on “human-centred systems design and unconscious bias”

We are very excited to welcome:

Prof Shrikanth Narayanan (University of Southern California)
Dr Hazel Roddam (University of Central Lancashire)
Dipl-Ing Gerhard Nussbaum (Competence Network Information Technology to Support the Integration of People with Disability, KI-I)
Prof Paul Clough (University of Sheffield)
Rebecca Bright (Therapy Box)
Swapnil Gadgil (Therapy Box)
Dr Lorenzo Desideri (AIAS Bologna)
Chrissi McCarthy (Constructing Equality)

Watch the webcast of the remote training event (TE4) hereafter:


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