TAPAS TE6: Industry Targeted Event with Networking

The webcast of the event is now available. Watch all the recordings (6) on TAPAS YouTube channel


The TAPAS Training Event 6 took place on 24, 25, and 30 June. The event was held fully virtual.

The schedule of our TE6 was as follows:

(CET time)

24 June:
8:50-9:00: Welcome words (Björn Schuller)
9:00-10:15: Digital health ‘in-the-wild’ (Andreas Triantafyllopoulos)
10:15-10:45: Virtual coffee break
10:45-12:00: ESR discussion round
14:00-15:20: ESR presentations

25 June:
9:00-10:15: Research and development at EML Speech Technologies (Volker Fischer)
10:15-10:45: Virtual coffee break
10:45-12:00: Emotional voices in human computer interaction (Felix Burkhardt)
14:00-15:15: openSMILE and AI SoundLab - audEERING's tools for voice research (Florian Eyben)
15:15-15:45: Virtual coffee break
15:45-16:25: ESR presentations
16:25-17:00: ESR feedback on discussion round
17:00-18:00: Virtual city tour through Augsburg

30 June:
9:00-10:15: Young scientists gathertown meeting
10:15-10:45: Virtual coffee break
10:45-12:00: AI for sound: Large-scale audio tagging with deep neural networks (Qiuqiang Kong)
14:00-15:15: Semi-supervised learning for speech recognition in Indian languages (Tanvina Patel)
15:15-15:55: ESR presentations
15:55-16:05: Closing words (Björn Schuller)

Additionally, we created several gathertown rooms for discussions in smaller groups.

The young scientists gathertown meeting gave an opportunity to young scientists (PhD students, early postdocs) to discuss about future career plans in academia/industry. For this meeting, we had invited young scientists working in industry who where looking forward to meeting the ESRs.